Darcy Blaze Erotic Thrillers
Deadly Prediction by Darcy Blaze erotic thriller
by Darcy Blaze

The East End villain, the battered wife, the rising film star and the fortune telling slot machine, a gangland saga of sex, romance, superstition and revenge.

When Fiona marries Frankie, an arcade owner and antique slot machine collector, she is well aware he is something of a villain. However domestic violence and armed robbery were never on her agenda. She begins an affair with Reggie, Frankie’s film star brother, who turns her submissive fantasies into steamy reality.

Making arrangements for a future without Frankie, Fiona learns what happens to those who betray him. Her affair is the least of her transgressions and Frankie is beginning to smell a rat. Fiona is desperate for a way out when she discovers a fortune-telling slot machine with a diabolical reputation. However when opportunity knocks does Fiona have the nerve to take her fortune card's advice? If she doesn't she is sure the deadly prediction will come true because nobody crosses 'Fair' Frankie Taylor.

by Brooke Frederick
Go ahead, read this book and be amazed as I was. It’s a complete original, and I loved it. The story reads fast and the dialogue had me in stitches. Readers should know that there are explicit sex scenes, as is stated clearly on the book's cover. However I would add that they are tasteful, at times even hilarious, and essential to this unique and quirky story, which hurtles along, taking one surprising turn after another, right up to the end.

by Lita Burke
Fiona's confident narrative mixes London's rain and sizzling bedroom antics with the playacting Reggie into an unforgettable romp. I'm a born Yank who has never been across the pond to London and the story all but had me talking cockney slang and strutting in stiletto heels. The sex scenes are explicit, but well written, the ending a delicious revenge, mixed with the music of a Calliope. I recommend this story to anyone who loves evil carnival worlds, Brit Lit, and reading about a sure-of-herself Essex girl who doesn't take gruff from her men.

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Darcy Blaze on writing Deadly Prediction.

When I came across automatons on Youtube I immediately thought they would be great for a horror film. Plus the idea of a fortune card, which nobody wants to get, set me on course. Fairgrounds and piers are very filmic and can be so sinister, so the sex needed to be equally exotic. However I wasn't expecting BDSM to bring so much to the story. Now the protagonist, who likes giving up control in sex, has to take control of events to survive.

Deadly Prediction reflects the growing power of self confident women, juxtaposed with a need to let go in sex. Like most things associated with the psyche, submission and domination are both rooted in childhood so I gave Fiona a back-story. This not only explains her love of domination but also her strengths, which she needs to take control of her awesome dilemma.